Monday, March 4, 2019


They can't even fix their own problems so they don't have any business coming after you.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Fraudulent Mothers

Just like the ones that claim you still owe them money.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Raquel Hatters Priorities

Cares more about men not paying child support than anything, then giving the money to DHS when they recover the alleged amounts that the men "owe".

Giving money and food stamps for women to have multiple kids from multiple fathers. 

Doesn't impose limits to procreate on women that have children they can't afford.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Have the IRS pay your child support.

Say you have another child living with you (your child). Go ahead and file your taxes and claim Earned Income credit on that child. Every year you file, the IRS will be paying your back owed child support if there is an intercept order on alleged back child support.

The other parent of that same child you live with that is working, can claim him the next year and you get the return through her if you are not married.

The child support order is base on the state of Tennessee's custodial parent's fraud. They just pick out a number and several other numbers throughout the years that they sent you and pick one. That's how much you "owe".

And they SAY I'm a deadbeat. When they intentionally fail to have any facts and figures to prove anything other than they SHOW  that have the ability to lie.

She was getting public aid while stripping at the mouses ear...Yet from this video, It shows that the disadvantaged (she) is allowed to get help when she broke the law.


Video use and criticism allowed by US v. Cassidy.

Jody Mychele Steinberg Heeger Clark Steinberg Cunt


A Parent of three kids from three different guys whore while birth control was an option.

 Her mother Sharon Smoak had the health department called on her for spreading venereal disease back in the day... and also married men that raped her kids.

Jody is making her dead daddy proud... 

I had no idea that hooking up with a runaway was going to be so much trouble.