Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Extortion Completed!

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Complaints at raquelhatter.com

What I was forced to pay them in order for me to keep my drivers license. Keep in mind that I need my license to house my family, And they knew it... They still won't produce proof that I owe them ANYTHING and it's obvious why. They have no trusted third party to verify that anything is owed. They knew that JODI HEEGER is a welfare FRAUDSTER. And yet, they (Illinois DHS) are sticking up for the wonderful State of Tennessee...

Well, have fun with the fact that the main person for DHS in Tennseess has her name resolving this complaint site... and if they want it, it's gonna cost well over what they claim I owe.

Since she got to extort money from me and my family, I get to keep my drivers license.
Well, All I gotta say is that. This is one way of her getting even with whitey!!!!

This is also why I hate "Their Kind".

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